850705 - Salt and Pepper Set

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Collect the 1-stud LEGO® bricks with flavour! Just like the real thing, except they're 600 times bigger! The single-stud Salt and Pepper shakers make a great addition to every LEGO builder's kitchen in a sleek black-and-white design.

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€ 5.99

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Set Name: Salt and Pepper Set
Alternative description: Kick up the flavour and the LEGO® building love in your kitchen with supersized 1-stud LEGO brick shakers in classic black and white!
Pieces: 4
Lego Set #: 850705
Recommended Age: -
EAN: 0673419194808
Released on: January 31, 2023

Salt and Pepper Set (850705)

  • Features 2 LEGO® 1-stud brick shakers, upscaled 600 times, in black and white
  • Spice up your kitchen with super-sized LEGO style!
  • Makes a great gift for LEGO fans

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